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International Relations At a Glance

University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF) takes an active role in facilitating and encouraging international activity of its students and staff. Comprehensive internationalisaton remains a salient institutional goal. International cooperation is intertwined in all segments of the Faculty’s work. The Faculty is increasingly participating in all available international programmes which offer external funding for education, research, innovation, academic mobility, and capacity building in all domains of higher education. UNSPMF continues successful participation in the EU Framework Programmes for research and innovation (current one is Horizon Europe from 2021-2027), and of academic mobility, curricular reform, capacity building and modernisation of higher education (currently the biggest EU programme is Erasmus+). In addition, the Faculty actively participates in bi- and multi-lateral collaborations, networks. The strategy is to keep building both human and institutional capacities through international collaboration, with the overall goal of better integration into the European and global higher education area.