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Dear students,

By now, you have probably figured out how important is to be active and mobile and spend some time abroad at a different place other than your home institution. This is vital for your professional and personal development and growth, as well as for raising your attractiveness on the labour market in future. By studying abroad, you get the opportunity to build your personal portfolio of skills and knowledgeimprove your competency in foreign languages, and in one word, develop your own cosmopolitan spirit and multicultural awareness. Learning from others and together with others will bring you lifetime benefits. Do not forget that every single one of us should be a life-long learner and that it is never too late to start learning!

Faculty of Sciences International Relations Office will use this web site as a platform for sharing ideas and opportunities and encourage you to start your own search.

The Faculty is participating in various international programmes concerning education, research, and academic mobility and is prepared for the new cycle of European framework programmes (2021-2027), especially the unique Erasmus+ programme and many others. This is how the Faculty will continue successful participation in programmes of academic mobility, curricular reform and internationalisation through joint master and doctoral studies.

This document can be your stepping stone and help you start your own search:


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